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Fisher Fitness Norwich


"Let me help you look and feel better using the power of strength training, nutrition & simple science.

No myths, no gimmicks! Honest methods, and proven results! Because everyone deserves to be happy and confident in their body.

One life, one body, zero regrets!"- Richy Fisher, Fisher Fitness

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We help busy professionals improve body confidence

through the powers of strength training and flexible nutrition.

We achieve this by helping you;

  • Losing body fat

  • Gain strength

  • Build muscle!

We have helped people like you achieve amazing results by using simple methods and changing daily habits. This has powerful effects.


We are an experienced Personal Training and Online Coaching company based in Norwich, and our aim is to change your life through high standard, professional coaching and simple science-based nutrition.

Want to know how signing up with Fisher Fitness can change your life?

Get in touch and book a phone call! We will go through all options with you.


Where it all began...

Richy of Fisher Fitness Coaching has been a fitness professional for 13 years now. He began his career in London where he flourished and gained valuable experience and knowledge.


Richy continued to study, improving his knowledge on the physiology of training and nutrition and gained lots of experience coaching and training clients, from all different backgrounds.

How it progressed

He then moved into gym management, starting as assistant general manager in two gyms until moving up to General Manager in a busy central London gym.


Richy moved back to his home city of Norwich in 2016 to launch a commercial gym.

Where we are

In 2018 Richy moved into full-time coaching, where he has a wide range of clients (all of which are making great progress).

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