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Online Coaching

We offer a professional premium online coaching service, designed to get you the best results possible.

If you are looking for a coach to draw out a long-term progress plan, keep you accountable, stop you from second-guessing your decisions and be there to adjust things to ensure you keep progressing towards your goals; then online coaching is definitely worth considering.


But you must be willing to push your comfort zone to make a lasting change.


Online coaching is essentially me (virtually) holding your hand throughout your journey, giving you constant support, knowledge and accountability until you feel confident enough to part ways or you reach your outcome.

Initial Consultation & Bespoke Programming

> Initial consultation call to understand what your goals and aims are, why you want to work towards them and ideal time frame on achieving those goals.

> Personal handbook based on your goals including a training plan and personal nutritional advice (energy requirements and protein intake). 

> Personal training plan of workouts for you to complete on your own (both sessions for in the gym, as well as home workouts if applicable)


Coaching & Support

> Access to the "Fisher Fitness Support Group" to share ideas, thoughts and support with other likeminded individuals on their fitness journey with Fisher Fitness. Regular updates in the group from Richy Fisher.

> Full access to the "Fisher Fitness Client Portal" which includes recipe e-books, useful videos, webinars, e-books, ad-hoc workouts and much more.

> On-going support 

> Direct contact with Rich for support when you need it. From questions to practical support, Rich provides continued support and coaching throughout your journey online.


Either way, you’ll learn, get great results and have fun along the way!

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